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Here, get the best Search Engine Marketing Training per dollar spent, INCLUDED with Wealthy Affiliate Premium, many training courses and tutorials, including quality SEO and SEM courses.

Why pay someone when you can learn SEM yourself?

While people searching online generally prefer to click on organically-ranked sites, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing can still get you immediate results.

Save money by doing it yourself. Smart move! There is affordable, easy-to-follow, step-by-step training, right here!

This training is included in your Wealthy Affiliate Premium Member dashboard.

Wealthy Affiliate is the only fully transparent training portal, web hosting, blogger community with over 2,000,000 active members, many millionaires, in business since 2005.

No up-sells here, just a ton of relevant training and SEO tools for a simple, easy-to-afford price!

WA Premium Course:

WA Affiliate Bootcamp – Bing, Yahoo, & The Power of PPC Phase 6

search engine marketing course

learn search engine marketing
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WA Premium Course:

WA Affiliate Bootcamp – How to Scale Successful PPC Campaigns PHASE 7

PPC Traininghow to do search engine marketing

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WA Affiliate Bootcamp – How to Scale Successful PPC Campaigns PHASE 7″

Still Want Organic Search Engine Traffic?

Go for it! Free traffic using SEO is alive and well!

Getting to the TOP of search engines has been a mystery for many, ever since the main search engines upgraded their algorithms. Forum link-farming and keyword stuffing DO NOT WORK, Not anymore.

This is great news for business owners serious enough to put in the work.

Search engines favor websites that consistently generate great content, traffic, engagement, and social shares.

As mentioned earlier, visitors generally prefer to click on organically ranked sites.

Therefore, potential remains for a LOT of free traffic.

That’s why you also need to be content focused, taught in the 5th Phase of the Online Entrepreneur Certification:

WA Premium Course:

The Business of Content – Achieving Maximum Success Through Content Creation.

organic search engine training

search engine training

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Learn which keywords to target.

Definition of a ‘Keyword’: a phrase entered into a search engine to get a list of websites with info on that topic.

Some keywords have high competition, some do not.

Targeting keywords with lower competition gets you faster results for organic listings, and lower Cost-Per-Click when paying for clicks.

Target ‘Low-Hanging Fruit.’

keyword research

Leverage your money and time by targeting low-competition keywords in the earlier stages of your online business development.

Starting with the low-hanging fruit also allows you to build out a wider base of content while building your domain’s authority, making you more competitive later when targeting high-competition keywords.

Scale up as your domain’s authority grows.

“The domain authority of a website describes its relevance for a specific subject area or industry. This relevance has a direct impact on its ranking by search engines, trying to assess domain authority through automated analytic algorithms.” – Wikipedia

As you get more pages ranked first page, your domain gains authority. After your domain gains authority, then you become more competitive for higher competition keywords.

How do you know which keywords are the best ‘low-hanging fruit’?

Determine which keywords get more monthly searches and less competition using keyword research. These are the terms you should use.

To test it out, enter any keyword into the Jaxxy tool below and see how it measures up against competing keywords.


Jaxxy is a quality Keyword Research Tool, forever free to Wealthy Affiliate Premium Members only.

All training for Jaxxy is included at no extra cost.

Save money with Wealthy Affiliate’s training and tools.

Premium Membership at Wealthy Affiliate is CHEAPER than most quality keyword research tools alone, and you get unlimited use of Jaxxy Lite at no extra cost, included with your Wealthy Affiliate Premium membership.

When Wealthy Affiliate is your blog host and keyword research portal, you’ll also get active community support and powerfully-simple training courses.

Prepare yourself for SEO and SEM success.

Why wait?

Ready, Set,

Don’t have a website to promote?

Start for free and leverage Wealthy Affiliate’s Free Training!

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12 thoughts on “Search Engine Marketing Training”

  1. Hello Elaine, thank you so much for sharing this helpful search engine marketing training. As a newbie Internet Marketer, I have seen so many ways with which I can get traffic including paying for it. But it wouldn’t be really nice to get started with paid ads or getting someone to help me set things up and that is one of the reason I dislike DFY systems. I’d rather develop SEO and SEM skills myself. So it’s a very great opportunity to utilise Wealthy Affiliate effectively. I so much love the idea of targeting low hanging fruits.

    • Definitely, the lower competition search terms get fewer people searching for them, but when they do, and you were ready for them, you were more likely to be found, or for you to “pick” them as the low-hanging fruit. Building out your website foundation targeting this “low-hanging fruit” is a powerful way to slowly build your website’s popularity with free search engine traffic. The benefit of the low-hanging fruit concept in paid ads, is that although you’ll get fewer clicks, you are not competing against as many other advertisers, so the clicks cost you less. It is important to consider those terms when setting up campaigns. There are also ways to research which websites you compete against, and that is covered in the training. Good stuff.

  2. Beautifully Laid out site!
    Thank you for all the information on how to start a “work from home” business as this is exactly what I am trying to do! This site has been bookmarked as a reference now!
    Does this Program, the Wealthy Affiliates, include email responders and funnel building too? Also, do they have a good data tracking system so I can monitor all my incoming traffic sources to see who is coming to my site and clicking on stuff or just going away? I look forward to hearing from you.

    Great info again and thanks for doing all this for us!

    • Thanks for commenting on my layout! Wealthy affiliate gives me many hundreds of wordpress themes to choose from, but I like the basics, personally, I used the GeneratePress Theme.
      Wealthy Affiliate helps make sure your blog is properly optimized for search engines and helps you to publish directly to your blog from within the WA Dashboard. The community is great for commenting on your blog posts, which help to expand out relevant content on each page in a natural way, which search engines recognize and favor. The community is also great for encouragement to keep at it while you build your domain’s authority and slowly rise in Google’s (or Bing’s, or Yahoo’s) ranks.
      They do not host email autoresponders, funnels, or detailed blog analytics, but they do have a lot of experts in the community and published training sessions on those topics. WordPress also has some very good plugins that can enhance your experience with all these things.
      The keyword research, the trainings, and the community’s ongoing contributions to your site’s SEO, altogether are very worth the price, plus if you switch to them as your blog host, you’ll have all that and save on your hosting fees. Valuable all around. Hope you join us inside and give WA a try. Any other questions, I’m here. 🙂

  3. This website is easy to understand the content and niche. I am so glad to found your site. It really help me to understand better about Search Engine Marketing as well as the beauty about Wealthy Affiliate. Your website has given me a lot of courage to move forward and successful in my digital online business. Thank you for sharing. 

    • You are welcome, Ethan. I appreciate being able to encourage people and I want everyone to succeed, so if I help you find the courage to move forward and be successful, it is gratifying to me. Best regards, Elaine.

  4. Hey, I enjoy a lot while reading your article on Search Engine Marketing Training and find it very useful for everyone. I recently started my online business with the help of wealthy affiliate training and getting awesome results from my business. I am using Jaxxy tools to get better keyword research and getting an awesome results from it. If anyone follow search engine marketing training will surely get awesome results like me.

    • It’s always awesome to hear another success story! I know you only just started, but I’m a big fan of Jaxxy as well, I think anyone who needs keyword ideas for search engines or for advertising would benefit and find it exceptionally useful. I love that it comes free with Wealthy Affiliate, definitely one of my favorite features. Thanks for the feedback! – Elaine

  5. Wow😍! I find this interesting Elaine! These Informations about ‘Work from home’ business will greatly help me to start up and also save money and time with the ‘ Low hanging fruit’ since I just started marketing online not too long. This is really helpful to me, thanks Elaine for sharing!

  6. Hey, I know that Targeting keywords with lower competition gets us faster results for organic listings, and lower Cost-Per-Click when paying for clicks. while reading I know that determine which keywords get more monthly searches and less competition using keyword research. These are the terms you should use. I am doing it with Jaxxy. It is an awesome tool for keyword research.

    • Hi Parveen, thanks for your input about how to describe the industry jargon. Most people seem to be understanding the terms I used, but I will look it over and keep it in mind. I don’t want to turn people off by being too techie, as this is something that anyone who knows how to write and follow instructions can do. You are appreciated.


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