About Me

Welcome to Growth Paths! I created this site to help people (like myself) who have experienced mental illness, to find self-confidence and be proud of themselves as they travel their journey of recovery. To say it’s not easy is a HUGE understatement… hopefully my encouragement will help you along the way.


My journey has been long and deeply personal. I am not a doctor. My writings stem from over 40 years of life experience, almost half of those years of which have been spent recovering after a diagnosis of schizo-affective disorder.

After the onset of my initial episode of psychosis back in 2002, I lost my career, my ability to communicate, and couldn’t even make the most basic of decisions. Healing has tested my patience, and certainly my family as well. My journey of healing continues but I am proud of the progress I have achieved, however imperfect.

My only son still lives with my parents after 17 years. He’s the pride and love of my life… a broken soul with mental illness himself though. Hopefully he can gain hope in healing and recovery as I know it is possible… but a long, lonely road. I only ask him to follow my writings… and reach out to his mom once in a while. If you are reading this my son, you are loved more deeply than you can even imagine… at least as deeply as your hurt goes… I’ll keep reaching out to the best of my own ability… but always here for you.


Coming from a place of love and understanding: I believe that it should not be considered shameful to admit that I have experienced a brain illness… there is such a terrible stigma to the topic. The people I want to help are beautiful, unique people with talents and desires… who can and should be proud of every bit of progress they make.

With almost 20 years of hurt, lessons, healing, and insights behind me to contribute to the subject, along with being a natural empath, I feel, very sincerely, for anyone who desires to gather pieces of their shattered lives and rebuild self-confidence, skills to deal with stress and anxiety, even to the actual re-development of brain health. It’s a life long journey. I plan on writing for the long haul, so please stay tuned. I care about people, and I look forward to reading and responding to your comments, for sure!


To provide inspiration and encouragement along the journey of people rebuilding mental health and happiness after devastating mental illness setbacks.

To make available learning tools for healing and growth, to rebuild neural-pathways through reading mainly personal development and self-help books. Brain healing is something that takes a lot of time, patience, and regular practice.

Practice and dedication… exercise. Flexing your brain muscles… learning. Mind exercise… reading, coloring, developing positive habits, goal setting, getting out there, achieving goals. Then, setting bigger goals. Taking the bad with the good. Loving life, finding lessons in failures, aka opportunities for growth and the chance to conquer challenges.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Elaine N.