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I’ve heard it said that there are two types of people. Lions, and sheep. Leaders, and followers. Those who forge paths, and those who don’t think for themselves.

I can’t identify. Just as there are many different types of animals, spirit guides, and within each breed there are various unique personalities based on experiences. Not all predators are like lions, not all aim for the fresh kill… not all non-predators are peaceful. Each character is unique, the world is not black and white, people are like stones on a beach, widely varied, some plain, some beautiful, multitudinous color variations and combinations.

Bird-of-Prey Close Encounter

I had a powerfully moving experience when I was much younger… I was a 21 year old long-haul truck driver. As I was flying down the highway out in the middle of nowhere, I could see standing up on the shoulder of the highway were a couple of crows and a massive bald eagle. As my semi approached, the crows scattered, but the bald eagle decided to play chicken with my truck, flying at me head-on in attack mode!

It saw me… the driver, and singled me out, charged me, made eye contact… while I drove towards it at 65 mph. Its wingspan was wider than the truck, at least 7 feet wide. It realized last-second that it wouldn’t win the fight… his feathers all stood at attention and I literally faced the fear of death in that huge bird-of-prey’s eyes. His eyes were a goldenrod yellow color.

Neither of us would have won that battle had the eagle not delicately skimmed off of the air currents surrounding the truck and expertly avoided a head on collision. He would have gone through my windshield and I would have literally have been impaled by a full-grown bald eagle! I watched my driver’s side mirror in wonder as he sailed along air current gracefully wings vertical along the full length of my trailer, before flapping off into the sky.

What an impression he made on me. I will never forget the look on that eagle’s face, that “shitting-himself” fear was both the ugliest and most impressive sight I’ve witnessed in my whole life.

Facing my Reflection

Since then I’ve done a lot of pondering. A native warrior once told that peacemaker is my spirit name, and that color of that eagle’s eyes is my spirit color. I have to admit, that shade of goldenrod yellow is the only color that both calms me and inspires me to action.

What are the characteristics of an eagle. They mate for life, soar high above in search of opportunity, perch high up and observe quietly with keen eyes. They are agressive, yet restrained, intelligent, and picked on by other birds.

How like me. I am a one-man woman. Rarely talkative, but love to actively listen and understand before opening up to share. I seek opportunities and long for independence. A free spirit needing open horizons and personal choices. I love to travel, I enjoy the journey, adventure inspires me. Yet I require a lot of solitude and quiet time to understand my own thoughts and emotions. I am shy among peers, yet I stand out as a rare and caring personality.

According to personality test, I am “The Mediator”, introverted, intuitive, feeling, prospecting, turbulent, role diplomat, constant improvement is my strategy. Communications, customer service, advocate is my perfect career. As is truck driving. Both fitting.

Know yourself.

I recommend taking that test at and reading through your results. Don’t think the world is black and white, there are way more than two choices in which to categorize yourself. Find your fit, find your freedom.

You don’t have to be a Lion or a Sheep. If someone tells you that those are your only two choices, they are bullying you into doing something they want you to do. Love yourself, be yourself, love life, forge or find the path that is your perfect fit.

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  1. Isn’t it wonderful that God made each one of us unique, with individual traits, gifts, and talents? He’s also the one who prepares the path that is each person’s perfect fit (Psalm 139:13-18; 23:3). Something to celebrate, for sure! P.S. Thank you for becoming a follower of my blog, From the Inside Out. I pray you’ll find the posts meaningful whenever you’re able to visit!

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