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How to Make a Blog Site Make Money

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You are here because you heard you can make money blogging, and it’s true, you can! I’m glad you landed here, so I can guide you to great training and tools. So please listen up, why you should listen to me for learning how to make a blog site and make money?

I’m here to help you prepare for the difficulties that you will face as a new blogger.

Please read ahead….

is seo dead

SEO isn’t dead. It’s just misunderstood.

Hang on with me here…

So some people believe SEO is dead because their tricks stopped working for easy ways to the top of search engines.

Search engine technology got smarter, no longer can you stuff pages with keywords or buy millions of back links to earn fake authority and boost your ratings. Search engines are more intelligent now, you can’t trick them anymore.

Is blogging is dead due to social media?

Somebody argued with me, nobody reads blogs anymore.

My belief is that people who say that have no attention spans and will never read a book either.

Obviously blogging still works because you found this blog, likely through a search engine, am I right?

Truth is, today’s search engines love blogs, and millions make amazing full-time incomes with their blogs without paying a dime in advertising.

There’s room for you to make money blogging too, and here is why.

Search engines are still the “go to” location online where Billions of people seek an answer to any question they can think of.

Despite what some people say, original, quality content is still favored by search engines. The more pages of quality content you get indexed online, the higher your pages will rank for ALL keywords.

Earning first page results is extremely difficult when you target high-competition keywords, because only 10-20 sites make first page, out of perhaps hundreds of thousands to millions of websites all competing for the same keyword.

So why try?

Perhaps a better question is:

How can you succeed at blogging?

Four keys to blog success:

  1. Keyword research.
  2. Original, quality content.
  3. Foster comments (read: more original content for SEO).
  4. Comment on other blogs for quality back links, and to help their blogs!
  5. Rinse and repeat.

The secret to getting lots of targeted free traffic is to create lots of posts targeting low-competition long-tail keywords, for example, “Computer Based Home Businesses” or “How to succeed at making money online”, as opposed to “Make Money Online”.

A common fallacy that making money online is fast and easy. Sure, there are ways, but often the people who make fast, easy money are fooling others out of their money, like saying, “Look how easy it is to make money,” showing a strategy for traffic and saying sales are easy, while funneling in money from the desperation of others.

So build a small army of pages, each earning a few targeted hits monthly. This is easier, cheaper, and more sustainable than a single page to earning thousands of free hits under a high-competition search term.

It takes grinding, and work. But it can be fun!


Blogging is a great creative outlet.

If you have something interesting to say about a topic, and have the ability to research and write about it, why would you not? Same with YouTube videos, if you want to make videos and market them, why wouldn’t you?

You will most likely not make money fast. Even if you are doing it right, it may take 3-6 months before you make your first sale, so do not expect the money to pour in within your first month, that’s just unrealistic.

Once you cross that threshold of enough traffic to make sales, you’ve got it made.

Search engines love tenacity and persistence.

Sites that get page one ranks and clicks on dozens of long-tail keywords, will not only get the traffic trickle of those keywords, but will also be rewarded in more competitive playgrounds. They call it Website Authority, and basically, the more success you have, the more you will be granted.

This adds up to success. But it takes time, persistence, and consistency. You need to learn to grit your teeth and keep pushing, even for months without that first sale.

If you started writing about something you cared about but quit writing because you weren’t getting enough traffic or sales, it doesn’t mean you were on the wrong path.

Don’t be hard on your dreams.

If you care about something, it is worth caring about, and writing about.

It’s possible you even reached the cusp of success… the place where discouragement fights hard to conquer every entrepreneur.


Those who endure, succeed.

So get up when you are knocked down, and keep trying again. Don’t give up before you succeed. If you long for residual income, surely you have good reasons for wanting income, so keep grinding!

If others don’t believe in your dream, that’s OK, it’s not their dream, it’s yours.

Perhaps it’s hard to justify to paying hosting fees to keep a website online for months while you are not making any money. The solution to this is simple: pay for your hosting for 6 months to a year in advance. Paying in advance will drastically improve your chances of sticking with it long enough to pay off.

If you want to own a website and write for a living, blogging is the perfect choice.

Many people earn great residual incomes due to blogging, it’s not unheard-of for within 2-5 years to be earning $20,000 per MONTH or more. Even MUCH more.

In fact, there are a disproportionately high number of blogging millionaires in THIS COMMUNITY who spend their free time helping novice bloggers, offering feedback on websites and commenting on articles, which seriously helps search engine rankings.

Want to join a powerfully active community of over 2,000,000 bloggers?

Every training, tool, and benefit you will ever need to succeed as a new blogger is included in a single, affordable membership platform.

But it’s not free?

Try before you buy, and start up to two free blogs with a forever free Starter membership. There are other places online to start free blogs too… but honestly, making money with free blogs is rare. It’s unprofessional, and unconvincing if you are trying to look so.

Pretty much required for success are keyword research tools, a focused blogging community, encouragement, a domain, hosting, and not least of all, detailed easy-to-follow training. Everything you need is here, and I’ll add, for a very inexpensive price when you consider the combined cost of all the tools were you to buy them individually. All in one place for a single price, easier to manage and maintain, you’ll see fast, encouraging results considering community feedback and comments.

Try joining free today, upgrade when you feel ready.

Questions for commenting:

What first enticed you about blogging? Why are you here?

Thanks for reading, hope it helped you,


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16 thoughts on “How to Make a Blog Site Make Money”

  1. Hello, it is a great and nice feeling to know that someone will create a great website like this and also create a write up on an article like this. Making money online through blogging can be frustrating but wealthy affiliate and their great support team makes everything easy for us. Thank you for this review.

    • Certainly Benny. I appreciate your feedback, I like hearing from people like you who are already using the Wealthy Affiliate platform. Yes, the platform and the support team make creating blog sites easy, and the community makes owning one so much more rewarding. It’s great to get quick feedback from other experienced bloggers. I wish you the best of success. – Elaine.

  2. I enjoyed your post.
    I really appreciate this article. Thank you for sharing this clear educational post with everyone. Your post will be available to others online through the blog. I’m making money from the blog site section. However, this has not been easy for me. After 6 months of training, I worked on purpose. Still do. I think it is not possible to make money on a blog site in a short time.
    Finally, if anyone wants to make money on a blog site, they must reach the target, and know the four keys to success for this post. I believe that those who read this post will be successful in earning money.

    • Glad you enjoyed my article, Tasmia, I’m glad you believe my writing is clear and education, that’s what I’m going for. Blogging is a great long term strategy for people who have very limited income to succeed. There are other ways to make money faster, but they always cost more to start, and require constant spending money. Blogging, especially with Wealthy Affiliate, all you need is hosting, all you need is here. Keep at it!

  3. I am a firm believer that blogging does work, but it is not a get rich quick scheme by any means. Blogging will suit the type of person who loves to write and has something they love to write about. 

    It does take a lot of writing before you start to get noticed, and depending on how much time you devote to your blog each day is how fast you will start to see returns on it. I have been blogging part-time for over four years, and I am happy that I am getting an income from it, but I know I could take it to a new level if I did it full time.

    • That’s a great point that I forgot to mention! The faster you put new posts out, the faster you will see results. Glad to hear you are making an income from blogging and are proof that it does work. Like you say, it takes a certain type of person, the one who loves to express themselves by writing is much more likely to succeed at blogging than someone who just wants to make money fast. A regular, reliable, PASSIVE income is the result of a successful blogger.

  4. Great information here on how to make a blog site make money. To make a blog site make money we are talking about some of the best ways to make income through passive income. Passive income is great because it allows us to make money while at another job, while on vacation or even while sleeping! Great question about social media vs. blogs and I have to agree that blogs are definitely not dead, as they provide more in-depth value than social media, which usually just touches on the surface. Your four keys to blogging success are pretty outstanding, and I really like your reference in Wealthy Affiliate. It’s a tried and true platform with one of the best online communities, highly recommended. Great post thanks and keep up the good work!

    • Totally loving passive income. Don’t get me wrong, working for money is great, but you are limited by hours in the day, and with blogging it adds up way more over time to residual income, so something you did say 2 years ago is still earning you automatic results. Your encouragement is appreciated, ongoing success to you too! Love your blog btw, Keep it up!

  5. Make money online?  Seriously? I´m glad I found your site.  Can a blog site really help you make money?  I found your article interesting and inspiring.  So much so that I have bookmarked your page to learn more and return to your site later.

    I really liked how you have a range of articles on Personal Development, Mental Health and then how to make money online. Super interesting. In particular your point about how search engines like blogs despite social media. You make an excellent point that search engines are the place that people go to.  I for one have e.g. lost confidence in the nonsense spouted on Face Book – particularly after the lies generated by Cambridge Analytica.  I still have the account, but I rarely use it now.

    And I really liked your comment that those who succeed endure.  I think that is so true. This really is an excellent article and very informative.  Thank you for the suggestion how to seriously make money online.

    • So glad that you love my writing, I thrive on positive reinforcement so thank you. Yes, there are people out there that think search engines are so outdated and social media is where it’s all at, and yet they forget that they go on Google themselves to look up information almost every single day. Search engines are FAR from dead, and show no signs of ever becoming obsolete. Blogs are loved by search engines, and most answers you find on search engines are from blogs. Keep enduring, best regards, ~ Elaine

  6. Hi Elaine

    Thank you for writing this excellent article on how to create a blogging site that can bring in money. It is a good method to make money, as long as you stick with it and persevere. It is not a quick rich scheme and will take a lot of time and patience before you can start making a decent level of income. Your article is very encouraging and you present a good platform to start blogging and earning money.

    it can be competitive but you need to find areas in the niche, where very little is written about or promoted.

    It is hard work but very rewarding. How long do you think it takes before you start making a decent income?



    • Hellow Antonio,

      It often takes up to 6 months of regular posting with keyword research to earn a decent regular income. With blogging it’s best to think long term / early retirement income as opposed to fast quit-your-job income. It’s a great way to earn a stable income when you think of it long term.

      Thanks for your feedback – Elaine

  7. I think that a lot of people still read online. Many articles are shared in blogs and on newspaper websites. Sites such as Medium have many readers. So, blogging is still a successfull thing, I agree with you 100%. I currently have three websites. I started one of them in March 2019. I haven’t earned money of it yet, but I love my niche and I love writing content for it. I’m not giving up. For some it takes longer than others, I think, doesn’t it? I like your quote “if you care about something, it is worth caring about, and writing about”. That is very true. Your blog is certainly lifting my spirit and it is giving me hope 🙂 And the main thing is that I’m having fun with my websites and especially with the interaction with my readers 🙂

    You give great tips for blogger newbies (and “oldies”)! 

    • I totally believe that the matter of creating something enjoyable for people to read can be fulfilling in and of itself. Making money from it comes second. Some people are born to write and capture the imaginations of others, it’s about the creative outlet, and about the challenge of creating something new. If you can build a passive income on that it’s just the cake on which to put the icing lol. Love what you are doing, help others, and pave the road in which money comes to you. Glad to hear I am lifting your spirits with my writing, that is exactly what I love doing, that is my aim for nearly all of my articles. Thanks for reading, ~ Elaine

  8. Thank you so much for reminding me that I have to trust the process. As a new blogger and a lot of things are happening in my life, I often forget to just trust the process and keep on blogging without giving up. It is a mindset thing that I have to work with. I just have to focus more on rinse and repeat because I already enforce all the SEO aspects. Hopefully, I get more traffic soon. 🙂

    • Stay encouraged. Distracted attention or feeling hopeless in the process can definitely be a barrier as you are more likely to quit, just on the verge of success! Have hope and keep at it. Depending on the competition of your niche, it can take up to 6 months before your website rises to the top of search engine listings where the big traffic is. Don’t be afraid to ask for help in the WA community if you want a second set of eyes on your SEO settings. Good luck! – Elaine


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