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Hi readers, Elaine here.

Usually I write about mental wellness, growth, motivation, and inspiration from the heart, I hope you don’t mind me sharing about my efforts to make a living from home, and a method of fast WordPress traffic that is working for me.

My schizophrenia and PTSD have made maintaining work so incredibly hard. The times when I found work, I found the anxiety crippling… so after going to a new job for a few months even doing well, I would then literally freeze by overwhelming performance anxiety and mental stress. My body would shut down as my mind and emotions raced uncontrollably. I would then be fired for missing a shift too many.

It helped me a lot during these periods of unemployment that I had always a desire to work with computers, so in 2010 I succeeded in completing a 6 month college course in Web Design and Optimization, with the hopes of becoming self-employed.

I figured this would be ideal as I needed employment, yet also needed a truly understanding boss (myself lol) who wouldn’t permanently fire me if I needed a few mental health days.

Writing and helping people were passions of mine… so I gravitated towards blogging as my way of making a difference and hope of building a passive income.

Affiliate marketing… the practice of connecting buyers to online sellers, works well with blogging and social media, when done right.

I’ve found an easy to drive fast, significant traffic toward my blog. It really works.

For example: Yesterday evening I built a landing page for one of my new affiliate accounts, and applied the method, resulting in this traffic, literally overnight, on a non-established blog. Note the dates.

That happened within 12 hours through this simple WordPress Gravatar page:

Believe it or not, this method uses a step-by-step application of automatic software.

You can easily use this method to increase traffic to your blog too.
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Please help me help others and so make a living by sharing this blog on your social media accounts.

Thank you so much, wishing success to you.

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