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Best ways to start a blog to make money

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Want to make money writing online? I’ve been building blogs with different web hosting companies for 13 years, and I know the best ways to start a blog and make money blogging.

Blogging is a long-term business with long-term income that does not make money right away. It is normal to not make money first month, even second month.

The thing to remember during this time is that you are building a FOUNDATION that will feed you for years to come.

When diligently worked on, this can very well replace your income, leading to an early retirement with incomes up to $20,000 USD per month or more!


Click to get started right now, or continue reading for best practices to blogging success.

Use a web-host that specializes in helping average bloggers.

Blogging is one of the most affordable businesses to start, you can do it for free if you are very determined!

To maximize your chances of blogging success, you will highly benefit from Wealthy Affiliate for these reasons:

  • step-by-step to-do tasks that you can follow at your own pace,
  • a premium WordPress Blog theme,
  • a professional looking domain name,
  • website encryption to secure your website and earn more trust,
  • a technical back-office team that helps keep your site running fast, this is critical!
  • a keyword research tool, more on that below.
  • a dedicated community of over 2,000,000 bloggers that work with you, 24/7.

There are other easy ways to build a blog, but simply building a blog and writing is no guarantee to make money.

The key to getting a lot of searchers to your site for free is organic search engine traffic.

Wealthy Affiliate will teach you how to beat billions of other websites to the top of search engines.

This results in a ton of interested people clicking on your site, reading your content, for free.

Keyword research is the key to the doors of search engine.


Traffic, traffic, traffic!

Keywords are also known as search terms. A keyword is the descriptive word, phrase, or question, that a person enters into a search engine (like Google, Bing, or Yahoo), to find relevant information on a topic.

The number of keywords to target are unlimited. Questions and phrases can be re-worded in so many ways that a publisher is limited only by imagination. Some keywords are highly competitive, some are not. You want the ones that are not highly competitive, but still get a lot of traffic. This is why keyword research is so important!

The more good keywords you win top results with, the more free traffic you will win!

Knowing which keywords get faster results is how you take advantage of the “low-hanging fruit”, earning traffic (and sales) sooner. This is the importance of a keyword tool. Many amateur bloggers don’t have a keyword tool and so they are very disadvantaged!

Wealthy Affiliate includes Jaxxy Lite for no extra cost, and the best thing is you can start everything today, even without your credit card!

Right now, you are seriously advantaged in your ability to win online success!

Pick a topic you are into enough to stick with!

To earn long-term money you must be as a spring that continually wells out quality content.

Most online businesses fail simply because people get impatient with not making money fast enough, and quit. This is a huge mistake that 95% of online marketers make… they give up when the going gets tough.

The ironic thing is, this is the exact point when, if they stuck with it, they would be ahead of 95% of the others and start seeing income!

You don’t have to be part of the group that just gives up. Take blogging seriously; be patient and know what to expect. Blogging is a business, and business is not always fun.

That said, seeing quick results and having more fun are great ways to stay motivated!

Write every day and interact with successful and novice bloggers.

Make entering this community a habit, it’s a healthy addiction! This sharing and helpful community will offer regular feedback as you ask for it, will give you comments on your website, and challenge you to friendly competition!

As you grind, you will find yourself motivated and having fun helping others. As you quickly see great results on your growing blog, you will get excited about your future!

Full access to the community is a Premium Membership feature.


Inspire readers to come back again.

Learn to write compelling copy that makes your readers thirsty for more. Wealthy Affiliate comes with a great blog publishing tool that helps for spelling and grammar errors that Google doesn’t appreciate.

Bring interested visitors back by installing a newsletter plugin as an easy way to notify readers of your blog activity. This is the easiest form of email marketing. Sending emails is a super awesome way to generate instant targeted traffic to any offer.

I recommend the Noptin Subscriber WordPress plugin for ease of integration with email marketing, allowing you to capture email addresses for free, bring them back to your blog, then should you want to expand more into email marketing you can upgrade your efforts.

Focus on your blog for now. Capture email addresses, but free traffic should be your first goal.

Place relevant advertising throughout your site.

Advertising on your site is how you make money… content is how you get traffic to those offers.

For today, put your card away. Seriously, try before you buy.

Here’s what you’ll get for free, starting today:

Remember! Although this is not a get rich quick business, but it is a real business that can make you money if you don’t give up, just keep at it, even when it’s hard! You got this!

But hey don’t just take my word for it! When I’m done publishing, I’m going to go get genuine comments from dozens of other bloggers, by giving feedback on a few sites, it’s that fun and easy, seriously!

Comment below if you have a testimonial, or questions! I love interacting!



Are you PASSIONATE about anything?

You are CHALLENGED to a new business venture.

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15 thoughts on “Best ways to start a blog to make money”

  1. Hi Elaine, nice to see you share this guide on the best ways to start a blog. I find this post very helpful and useful and I know it will provide great value for as many looking for the best ways to start a blog to make money online. The problem most of us new bloggers are facing is lack of proper training and cost of starting out. Wealthy Affiliate is one of the best ways to get started. I have heard so much about it and my experience tells me more.


    • Wealthy Affiliate has awesome training, very easy to follow. For all the reasons listed in this article, the success of the blogs here, and from my experience, I think WA is THE best way to get started. Thanks for the comment, ~ Elaine

  2. Thanks for the great post on starting a blog. There are some really good tips on here, and none more important than trying out Wealthy Affiliate. You really can learn so much through their training and the wonderful community they offer. I have never seen one like it that is so willing to help you succeed. Someday, I do hope that my blog will bring in a good income and following these tips would go a long way to getting me there. Thanks again!

    • I totally agree that WA is the way to go. The community is the best thing about this place, and that is saying a lot because the hosting is second to none when it comes to helping aspiring bloggers who have no training in web design. It is extremely ‘average-user-who-is-not-a-coder’ friendly, and the training makes it easier than pie (I’m not a baker, pie intimidates me lol) Thanks for your wonderful feedback! ~ Elaine

  3. Hi Elaine, thank you very much for sharing about this. I have a personal blog that I want to monetize, but I’ve no idea how to do it beside using ads. My blog has low traffic, so I need to increase it first before applying for ads. Do you it will be better to just create new blog? My personal blog has already live for 2 years. Thanks

    • I looked at the links through your gravatar, did you make both of those blogs? They are very well designed! I like your Zero to Hero one best. Seems more sincere and I think it will be better converting. Plus, I think you would love it more, especially when the success is that much sweeter!

      I have conventional training in Website Design and Optimization… and I see some things about your blog that I think are causing problems with your traffic.

      What I suggest is adding some links of blog posts within the drop down menus… Google will give more authority to a blog with backlinks within. Google spiders crawl sites looking for links. Also a Sitemap, a page with the links of ALL your posts in their respective categories? Please use these, and then PING your homepage at every time you update your blog. 

      Hope you apply my tips, and stay in touch I’d love to hear about you making money! You got this! ~ Elaine

  4. Wow, thank you very much for making a tutorial about a blog that can make money! During this time, I love to write, but I never put it in a blog. Many of my writings are only on social media. In fact, social media does not provide me with financial benefits. Maybe, after this I will try to make a website that contains my writing, so that I can also make money from there.
    Plus, you offer a place (wealthy affiliate) where I can make a website for free. It’s amazing in my opinion. Because as far as I know, to have a website, we have to pay hundreds of dollars. While there, I can get it for free.

    • Yes, while you can successfully build a blog using the free tools and training, free forever, I highly recommend premium hosting for the reason you get training into the more in-depth trainings. Only the first 10 lessons are free, the more detailed money-making training is available in Premium. And yes the cost is extremely low, considering all the success tools conveniently contained in a single Premium member dashboard. Start for free, upgrade for deeper training! you can’t learn this all in 10 days! ~ Elaine

  5. Elaine,
    In order to make enough money to be able to quit your job, it takes an awful lot of time. All the blog training sites I’ve looked only offered very limited training and were continually coaxing you to upgrade to higher levels at a higher cost for their different levels of coaching and training. You have been very helpful in explaining the whole process of blogging to make money.
    I do agree that WordPress has a good writing platform and is a world leader in that area and that a community of bloggers can help.  What is really needed for a new blogger are simple easy to follow lessons, an easy to build website package, help in picking a good niche, and mentors.  

    You say that Wealthy Affiliate has all this. 
    My questions [after being scammed another company] which you might want to answer in your blog are:
         1) Which keyword search company do they use and how much additional does this cost to use it?
         2) For the FREE trial period do they take your credit card number so they can charge you the $49/month after the free trial period ends?
         3) How long does the free trial period last?  It would be difficult to build a website, write several good blogs in 7 days.
         4) Are there levels higher than Premium that they try to sell you?
         5) It appears that Wealthy Affiliate does the hosting.  What is their monthly fee for hosting?
         6) Are you a member of Wealthy Affiliate and built this website there or just trying to sell memberships?

    • Thanks for your great feedback, and great questions! Yes, WA has all of the thing you mentioned. I’ve been scammed in the past too, and that is another reason why I love this place! They are transparent with everything!

      I will be diligent and sincere in answering your questions.

      1) The keyword search company they use is Jaxxy, the Lite verson, which is all a blogger needs, and it comes fully, freely included with the WA Premium membership.

      2) They do NOT ask for your credit card information until you decide to upgrade, you can peacefully use the Starter account along with the publishing tools Free Forever. You can upgrade anytime if you can’t do in the first 7 days, only you would lose the early upgrade discount, and access to the community until you upgrade. You also would never get access to many valuable trainings and the Lite version of Jaxxy, unless you upgrade to $49 a month.

      3) The free trial is indefinite in time span. You never have to upgrade to build a blog here.

      4) There are no levels higher than Premium. $49 a month is the most they will ever try to charge you, unless you opt to pay yearly instead of monthly which is actually an even better deal if you can afford to pay up front.

      5) Yes, Wealthy Affiliate does their own hosting with their own skilled tech support team. There is no additional fee for hosting, it is all included within one single fee for everything. Like I said, transparent! Honest! Good people here!

      6) I am proudly a Premium Member of Wealthy Affiliate, I built this website myself, and I would proudly promote this company even if they didn’t pay commissions, I just love the system that much! Again, the commissions I would make from my referrals add no cost to new customers. They do not use Multi-Level-Marketing here, just straight referral commissions only to referrers, one level. Simple, honest, affiliate marketing.


  6. Many thanks to you first for giving us such a wonderful article and after reading your article I realized how easy it is to earn money online through blogging. I have a blogging website of my own. I know fairly well about keyword research but if I don’t have a good hosting site and domain then I don’t know if my blog will go to a good level on my blog. I am Affiliate through Wealthy Affiliate and through your article I have come to know better about Wealthy Affiliate.

    • Excellent, glad I could help. The key is to never quit and just keep putting out content. The longer your site is online you will get more page 1 results and more traffic, therefore more sales. Wealthy Affiliate is invaluable. Good wishes for your business. – Elaine

  7. This article was an excellent introduction to the world of blogging and I think that what has deterred me from going all out on my blog is a website I was on saying it was really complicated to get ranked for keywords on google. Do you think long tail keywords are easier than you think to rank on?

    • Definitely, as long as you keep putting out content. Google assigns more authority to older domains that update regularly, giving you better results on ALL your keywords. Long tail keywords generally have less competition than basic keywords, so will reach page 1 faster, granted for fewer searches, but if you don’t make it to page 1, you may as well not even be online, as no one would find you. Good question.


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