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Best Computer-Based Business.

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Very often, people who want to start a computer home business decide to do so because they either have no car, have a disability, are a stay-at-home parent, or for any other reason wanting to outgrow a low income. In honor of these people, I’m going to discuss the best computer home business that you can start today.

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Why do I call this opportunity the best?

This home computer-based business has:

  1. VERY Low overhead.
  2. NO startup cost.
  3. Simple, easy-to-follow training.
  4. No need for a technology degree, user-friendly.

So if you have a computer, an internet connection, a mind to learn, and the desire to work from home, you already have everything you need to get started!


What is it?


Here we go!


Blogging With Wealthy Affiliate!


Thought about writing a book but haven’t started?

Blogging is better. You can start right now, use your chapter ideas as content to write about, and earn money from advertising while you write. Later, if you want, you can use your blog posts as chapters to put in your book, then sell it digitally as an e-book!

Don’t have an idea for a book? That’s OK!

Discover and share your interests on any topic.

You can choose any niche you want, and sell almost anything, even if you don’t have anything to sell. The free training at Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how to sell other people’s products, also known as affiliate marketing.

With affiliate marketing, you can sell any of literally millions of products to choose from. So write about ANYTHING that interests you, build traffic, and sell related products by advertising on your site. People buy, you earn commissions. Simple as that.

The best thing about blogging with Wealthy Affiliate is that if you take the training, keep at the training daily, and don’t give up, you’ll earn long-term, organic search engine listings to your blog posts.

Building organic traffic means FREE traffic to your blog posts when they reach page 1 on Google – without ever spending money on paid advertising.

Wealthy Affiliate is an actual, honest, transparent company!

The hardest thing to find on the Internet today is a money-making offer you can trust.

Everywhere you look, websites promise, fast easy money! “Send your money now, and you’ll be rich!” Right. People line their pockets with that lie.

Wealthy Affiliate membership includes everything you need in one place, fees are affordable, straightforward, transparent, and with no surprise up sells, or cross-sells.


Everything you need is included.

Your premium membership provides all the online tools you’ll ever need including:

  • Premium blog hosting with SSL encryption, optimized for speed and search engine rankings.
  • Premium WordPress themes, hundreds to choose from.
  • Jaxxy Lite keyword research platform.
  • Site Content blog post publishing platform.
  • Unlimited free access to over a 1,000,000 quality stock photos.
  • Site support tech support
  • Premium blogging community support. This is HUGE!

Blogging is not a get-rich-quick scheme. You won’t make money fast, I promise you that. But stick with it, and you will make money, reliably!

All the training you need is included.

Wealthy Affiliate provides easy-to-follow, step-by-step lessons, each paired with straightforward ‘to do’ tasks, on how to build your own blog, how to write a post, and how to publish online.

Online Entrepreneur Certification Course 1 (Free with Free Starter Account)

Blog Training 1

  1. Phase One of Five Certification Courses – Learn more about this Free Certification course by clicking here.
  2. Phase Two of Five – Included with Premium
  3. Phase Three of Five – Included with Premium
  4. Phase Four of Five – Premium
  5. Phase Five of Five – Premium

PLUS! Ongoing Classrooms and weekly LIVE Training.

Starting with low income and little to no savings?

For your sake, and from my experience, I strongly encourage you to cover the yearly membership fee of only $359 per year. Borrow it if you have to! Alternatively, the monthly fee of $49 might feel more affordable to you so borrowing may feel counter-intuitive; but please take my advice, the yearly membership will save you a full 39% over the year, and more importantly, you’ll have no monthly fees. Instead, you’ll have the simple peace of mind of knowing you’re covered.

$49 might not seem like a lot with all that’s included, but from my experience, sometimes, life happens. Unexpected expenses come up, and an extra monthly bill sometimes makes life difficult. This: Life’s unexpected events are why I want you to launch with a full year’s membership.

A whole year provides you ample time to build up enough free targeted traffic to your offers that you’ll be laughing, happy, and charged to keep on by the time your second year comes around.

No more money worries, you are on track for success!

No ongoing worry about paying vastly increases your will to stick with it, ultimately, by the time a year is up, you’ll have earned full-time success with a full time income, blogging!

  • Yearly, Save 39% and No Monthly Premiums.
  • 6 months, Save 20%, No Monthly Premiums.
  • Monthly, $49 per month.

Check out EVERYTHING included with Premium.

Your Journey Begins Now.

Forever Free With 10 Free Lessons.



Affiliate Disclosure: The links in this post are “affiliate links.” This means if you buy something through the link, I’ll receive a commission, at no additional cost to you. I only recommend products and services I believe in! Read full affiliate disclosure here.

More questions? Leave a comment below, I’ll be sure to get back to you!


See you inside,

Elaine Nicol

Premium Wealthy Affiliate Member


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24 thoughts on “Best Computer-Based Business.”

  1. I agree that the most reliable computer based business starts at wealthy affiliate because they have the most in depth training and the most amount of successful people have arised from being taught at wealthy affiliate. I think that youtube has more growth potential though all in all so I will integrate that into my blog. Have you tried youtube yet?

    • Not yet, but perhaps in the future. I’m just getting into the social media training now. There is some great bonus training here for using Youtube to grow your business, I’ll definitely be looking into it later. My topic for this blog is very important socially I hope to spread the word across all channels eventually. Thank you for bringing that up! Chat later, Elaine

  2. Hi Elaine, yea I think the same ways with you as well. WA definitely is a best choice for people who want to start their online business at home, since the startup cost is affordable and they also provided step-by-step training. People can create many quality contents once they have found the niche they are interesting with. It’s totally worth it to go for yearly membership as it can save a lot and build your own business online at the same time. 

    • I like how you say, “interesting with”, as opposed to “interested in”. Picking something you are truly passionate about is key to churning out helpful information on a regular basis, ‘interesting’ information that people will want to read. Thank you for your input, it’s appreciated.

  3. This is oh so true. My reason why I want to work from home is being a parent, disability and unable to drive all at once. This business sounds very promising. I would love to blog about Jesus Christ. I would love to tell the world about the truth and the light and what it takes to find it. 

    • You can totally blog about any topic that you are passionate about, many Christians do blog about their beliefs, and have success with it. Wealthy Affiliate is a great platform to do so. Wishing best successes to you.

  4. Hi Elaine Nicol.Thank you so much for sharing with us such a beautiful article. I’m glad I found this article. Currently, most people are interested in Computer-Based Business. Through an internet connection, everyone sitting at the computer is doing business comfortably and earning money. I agree that the most reliable computer-based business starts at wealthy affiliate. I’m also a Premium member on Wealthy Affiliate. Here, there are a lot of people who help every day and a lot of training which brings our knowledge to another level. I think Wealthy Affiliate is one of the more popular affiliate marketplaces that can help earn a Legitimate Online Income. I also think that youtube has more growth potential though all in all. Thanks for sharing your opinion. My best wishes will be always with you to become rich online.

    • Your best wishes are much appreciated, thank you 🙂 The training is fantastic, thorough, and motivating. Thank you for the discussion and I look forward to seeing you around Wealthy Affiliate.

  5. Your article is full of information and i want to thank you for sharing it with us.

    Nowadays everyone is trying to have their own business and manage it from home. I can say that the internet is full of fake information and scams that try to trick you through different methods. Most attractive are the sites which tell you that you can become a millionaire without doing anything. It’s a little weird because I know a lot of people who don’t do anything and they don’t seem to be millionaires.
    Wealthy Affiliate is the only platform where I have been able to discover true success. Here you can become a millionaire, but you have to work. What is even more amazing are all the training’s that help you become a good entrepreneur and have your own company from which to earn money online. I really appreciate your honest review and i recommend to all the people who want to earn some passive income to join on this platform.

    Thanks again. Good luck ! 

    • I know right? I love how they are so clear with you here about money-making expectations. The actually tell you that you likely won’t make money for months… but don’t give up, you are building a foundation that will make you money for years to come. No hidden fees, no surprise upgrade offers, just the training, tools, and community you need to succeed. Thank you – good luck!

  6. Hi Elaine, thanks for sharing about Wealthy Affiliate. I’ve heard about this platform previously and it seems to have a lot of positive reviews. Do they teach other income source like how to become social media influencer? I’m actually interested to start my own blog, but I don’t feel confident with my writing skill. Thanks

    • The 10 lessons of the 4th module of the Online Entrepreneur Certification are all about Social Media Marketing. There is a lot of information there.

      Wealthy Affiliate is all about blogging. They teach now you can use social media to expand your reach and/or become an influencer, but the foundation for your business is still your blog. It is not good to “put all your eggs in one basket” so to say. Just in case one traffic source or one income source fail, it is important to be prepared by diversifying your marketing strategies.

  7. Your business looks very promising to me. Because most people are now interested in computer-based business with an internet connection, everyone is sitting at a computer and making money and making money very easily. I think Wealthy Affiliate is one of the more popular affiliate marketing that helps a lot of online revenue. Thank you for sharing your beautiful thoughts with us and good luck to you.

    • Although I wouldn’t call blogging difficult, it takes serious tenacity and dedication to make money with it, because it takes several months to earn enough free traffic to begin making an income. I wouldn’t call it easy… there will be times you feel like quitting. If you’ve gotten that far though is exactly why you shouldn’t quit, as you have been building a foundation that will serve you for years to come. Good luck to you as well.

  8. Blogging business has been working for over 25 years and the best years are yet to come. Affiliate marketing is a millionaire industry that, believe it or not maybe accessible to anyone having the right set of knowledge.

    I became a Wealthy Affiliate member and I just love it. It is evident how much work it took to its owners to structure and manage a single platform to control as many sites as you want, with decentralized content management and great technical support (live chat) always available and willing to help.

    Thanks for the great recommendation!

    • Over 25 years, you mean from 1994? Wow that was before Internet Explorer was even invented, before netscape even. lol. Not sure about people making money online with blogs at that time, no one made purchases online at that time.

      I love Wealthy Affiliate as well, it’s a really good platform for so many different reasons, more than are mentioned in this article. The affiliate offer engine is powerful, as are the comment and feedback platforms, which serve the blogs well as to build content and get suggestions for improvements. People are always willing to help here.

      Thanks for your contribution,


  9. Many thanks to you for giving us such a wonderful article and through you we have learned many valuable things about affiliate marketing. I also do affiliate marketing myself and I think Wealthy Affiliate is a very effective and powerful medium for affiliate marketing, and from here on out, if anyone is in love with a membership, they will get a great Opportunity from Wealthy Affiliate.  There are a lot of premium tutorial videos in affiliate and if anyone wants to start affiliate marketing by watching these videos then it will be very easy for them to get to a good level in affiliate marketing. When I started affiliate marketing, I didn’t know how to do affiliate marketing, and then I was saying affiliated premium membership and after watching all their videos, I learned a lot and I’m pretty much digested right now. I hope that many of you will benefit from reading this article and will make a premium membership from Wealthy Affiliate.

  10. Hello Elaine,

    I’ve enjoyed reading your article and have some comments that I will get to in a minute, but I wanted to talk a bit about your website in general.  I was quite impressed with the “self-help” oriented theme of the site and found many of the articles I’ve read to be very helpful and I wanted to thank you for that.  I believe most people feel that working from home and running a computer based business is an avenue to work at your own pace and eliminate the stress of the office or working for someone else and ultimately that may be true.  But I know from experience that very often the opposite is the reality.  Working for yourself can often be just as stressful, knowing that your success depends entirely on you and self-motivation can be a challenge at times.  I am familiar with Wealthy Affiliate and I know that they emphasize the truth, that building an online business takes time and effort and lots of it.  For that reason I find your website to be an awesome tool because being successful at creating a computer based business takes a certain mind set, a confidence and a self-motivated drive.

    Thanks again for the post, Glenn

    • Thanks Glenn, all very true points. What helps me, is I don’t really think about it as working for myself, more, I am working for my audience. My blog is intended to help others. It also helps me that I can sleep in or take time off any time I get overwhelmed and need to relax my mind, something that I wasn’t able to do at a traditional job for someone else. Hence it is very important to me that I can work at my own pace, and come and go as I please.

      Have a great day, Elaine

  11. Thanks for this thorough look into the best computer-based business that you can do in almost any situation, whether a stay-at-home parent or otherwise. These days most people have a laptop or desktop computer, and working from that to earn money is easier than it ever has been.

    The platform you describe and are a member of has a stellar reputation and they do have everything you need to get a solid start with an online business. As you scale up the operation it could very well be that you will want to spend money on other tools and resources, but there is no need, so the monthly or annual subscription will suffice.

    Have you been able to earn significant amounts of income from the training and websites that you have built using the training and features found on the platform? I have read a lot of success stories and also realize that it does not happen overnight. Regular effort over a period of time is required based on what I have read. Good information, very helpful! 

    • The reason they have a stellar reputation are that they make no false promises and do not encourage lying to create an “image” of success that is false. It is true that they have everything you need, plus their technology and community support make getting top search engine results highly probable, so you can successfully build free, targeted traffic to which to share your offerings with, targeting any topic you wish

      My website and I have only been here less than a month and am only yet seeing a trickle of search engine traffic… but that is going to grow as long as my website builds authority. This is the foundation on which to build, this is what success looks like. As long as I don’t give up, the site I’ve built so far will serve me for years to come. Thanks for your feedback, Elaine

  12. Thanks for a great article, And yes I agree that this is the best way to do what you want if you like to write and even make some money from it. WA is a very great way to start a small growing business. 

    I have always felt that I want to have my own little company and work from home, and there is no problem if you get into WA and are ready to work and do the job.

    Thanks again for putting this out there 


    • Yes totally. If you are ready to put some work in, and have a something to tell to help people, Wealthy Affiliate makes it easy. Thanks so much for your feedback. – Elaine 


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