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Hi readers, Elaine here.

Usually I write about mental wellness, growth, motivation, and inspiration from the heart, I hope you don’t mind me sharing about my efforts to make a living from home, and a method of fast WordPress traffic that is working for me.

My schizophrenia and PTSD have made maintaining work so incredibly hard. The times when I found work, I found the anxiety crippling… so after going to a new job for a few months even doing well, I would then literally freeze by overwhelming performance anxiety and mental stress. My body would shut down as my mind and emotions raced uncontrollably. I would then be fired for missing a shift too many.

It helped me a lot during these periods of unemployment that I had always a desire to work with computers, so in 2010 I succeeded in completing a 6 month college course in Web Design and Optimization, with the hopes of becoming self-employed.

I figured this would be ideal as I needed employment, yet also needed a truly understanding boss (myself lol) who wouldn’t permanently fire me if I needed a few mental health days.

Writing and helping people were passions of mine… so I gravitated towards blogging as my way of making a difference and hope of building a passive income.

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What I Believe Love is.

Love, from my perspective, is a holy spirit. It is pure caring, a connection. It is not lust, or obsession with a single person. Love touches all who believe in it.

One of my most vivid short memories as a young child took place in catechism, or church classes for children.

Although I was raised Catholic, I admit after actually reading the Bible as an adult my opinions changed, even more so after I started questioning dogmas and forming my own opinions, which I recommend everyone do; but keep yourself in check of morality and treating others the way you would like to be treated.

Back to this memory I was talking about: this single, simple-enough-for-small-children-to-understand teaching that came across my desk has long been an influence in my adult life.

Because of this snapshot in my memory, I have felt driven read many books and many, many, hours and years in silent reflection, is on this profound statement:

“God is Love.”

If you must have the biblical text reference that supports this statement, here it is:

1 John 4:7-8 – Dear friends, let us love one another, for love comes from God. Everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God. Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love.

I don’t know who or what you think God is. Personally, I don’t think it’s a diety, although on this plane, we have no way of really knowing. All are allowed to have opinions. It is my opinion that this is both profound and a complicated statement.

I’ll use a mathematical concept to compare and get you along my line of thinking:

God = Love
Love = Connection
Therefore God = Connection

In my opinion, Love is alive. It is spirit, it is the I AM: the conduit of negative space that permeates all matter, reaches through the vacuum, transmitted by prayers of the Spirit, within our own bodies and without, it is who you are, and who I am.

I AM what I AM describes one’s state of being, infinitely.

Love transcends gender, race, even species or genus… it is the Spirit through which exists a connection built with an understanding and a prayer. It defines us. Hence, as we reside in our earthly bodies, we connect by reaching out and in fullness, to Whomever you pray.

There is a power and purity in positive feelings, as to negative as well. As positivity builds, negativity removes. This is why one in a negative mindset, perhaps to say I am not… feels empty and alone, while one striving for potential in faith of I AM is fulfulled and not alone, as there is an understanding between that one and Spirit.

Over the past 12 years it has been my literal calling to be a beacon of Love and hope in a seemingly dark and despairing world, while encouraging others to do the same.

While I have traveled unknown paths and faced obstacles, and may have appeared to have not reached my destination yet; I am not a hypocrite, but I have faith.

Say there is a mountain you wish to stand on top of. If you can see yourself on top seeing the sights, and within your Spirit you believe you are there, start taking steps in that direction, resourcefully and with conviction, you will by all means make it to the top of that mountain.

This is the Secret to the Law of Attraction: Believe you are, resourcefully resolve to be, recognize and seize the opportunities to be, making it so you are, in due time.

I do not encourage Christianity, nor any religion for that matter.

What I do encourage is this: To anyone who loves, be a beacon. Encourage the ones without hope. Shelter the homeless. Feed the hungry. Do your thing that is positive in the world. For a light travels far in the darkness, and the light sends a message: I am here, for you, for your safety and refuge.

It is meant the same was as the candle in the window of a farmhouse that offers hope of refuge to the weary traveler, or as the lighthouse that guides a sailing vessel away from a treacherous coastline.

I don’t have to achieve a goal before encouraging others to join my journey.

The sun will rise again. New opportunities will undoubtedly arrive. Encourage others, seek truth, keep climbing, we’ll strive together.

“Sometimes when I look at you, I feel I’m gazing at a distant star. It’s dazzling, but the light is from tens of thousands of years ago. Maybe the star doesn’t even exist any more. Yet sometimes that light seems more real to me than anything.” – Haruki Murakami