Search Engine Marketing Training


Here, get the best Search Engine Marketing Training per dollar spent, INCLUDED with Wealthy Affiliate Premium, many training courses and tutorials, including quality SEO and SEM courses. Why pay someone when you can learn SEM yourself? While people searching online generally prefer to click on organically-ranked sites, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing can still get you immediate … Read more Search Engine Marketing Training

Coping Ideas For Depression and Loneliness

Depression is made worse by loneliness, delivering a double-low-blow to someone who feels hurting and isolated. Here I will share with you effective coping skills for depression, and loneliness. The ideas in this article have successfully helped me feel better after being struck by depressive thoughts. Who am I to give advice on depression? After … Read more Coping Ideas For Depression and Loneliness

Help For Paranoid Schizophrenia

How to get help for paranoid schizophrenia symptoms. The definition of psychosis is that the person has sensory experiences of things that do not exist and/or beliefs with no basis in reality. This article contains basic instructions and resources for families, loved ones, and those afflicted with schizophrenia, schizophrenia with paranoia, and/or psychosis. Empathy goes … Read more Help For Paranoid Schizophrenia

Best Computer-Based Business.

laptop computer home business

Very often, people who want to start a computer home business decide to do so because they either have no car, have a disability, are a stay-at-home parent, or for any other reason wanting to outgrow a low income. In honor of these people, I’m going to discuss the best computer home business that you … Read more Best Computer-Based Business.

How to self help for depression

recover from depression

Here I share successful strategies helping you learn how to self-help for depression by taking charge of the process of recovering from the personal, social, and illness aspects of your depression. Have faith in your recovery, and the rewarding life following recovery. You got this! Practice Cognitive Behavioral Therapies (CBT). CBT are practices that help … Read more How to self help for depression

What is the purpose of my life?

prairie crocus

If you struggle to understand your purpose or why you are here, you’re in good company.  This article was composed to help you answer, ‘what is the purpose of my life?’ Jaxxy, my keyword research software tells me that over 7,900 people ask Google every single month, ‘What is the purpose of life’, while over … Read more What is the purpose of my life?

Best ways to start a blog to make money

Blog from home

Want to make money writing online? I’ve been building blogs with different web hosting companies for 13 years, and I know the best ways to start a blog and make money blogging. Blogging is a long-term business with long-term income that does not make money right away. It is normal to not make money first … Read more Best ways to start a blog to make money

How to find peace of mind


One of the most important things to learn for how to deal with depression or anxiety is how to find peace of the mind. Peace of mind is achieved though patience, flexibility, forgiveness, and dealing with change positively. Learning and implementing what you learn from this article will help you heal from a troubled mind. … Read more How to find peace of mind

Connecting Self Care to Personal Independence

self care

Being a person with a mental illness, how to care for mental health in your daily life is the most important thing to learn if you desire success and independence in your life. While this article can help people without mental illnesses, people must realize that for individuals diagnosed with mental disorders, independence and opportunities … Read more Connecting Self Care to Personal Independence

How to help people with Schizophrenia

schizophrenia brain

As someone who has recovered from Schizophrenia, I have a unique perspective on how to help people with Schizophrenia. There are some very good resource sites on the internet to learn what you can do if someone you love has been diagnosed with the illness. Here are my personal insights on the topic. Learn all … Read more How to help people with Schizophrenia